High Protein Egg White Fajita(Top Pick!)

Alright guys this was hands down one of my best experiments yet! This isn’t any ordinary egg white burrito or fajita. The egg whites are specially seasoned to taste just like fajita chicken! Try it if you don’t believe me! This recipe is soo good! Take me to the recipe!

My Favourite Healthy Store Bought Snacks!

Usually I advise making everything yourself so you know what’s in it but the ingredients in these are not bad at all! This is why I don’t mind eating them. 🙂 


#1 is S’mores Pure Protein bars! First I just have to say that I love this brand of protein bars! The sugars are always 2-3g! The fat is only 5-6g per bar, protein is 20g and carbs is only 17g! Most protein bars are loaded with sugar. You may think these will taste bad but they are delicious! *Best way to eat them is warmed for 15 secs. in the microwave! They are like a chocolate bar 🙂 (My second favourite is peanut butter).


#2 is quest protein bars. These are all natural! No added sugar! 25 carbs but 19g of fibre!! They are super super filling for me! I recommend again putting these in the microwave for about 25 secs. This one is like eating a brownie! These are very hyped up on the internet but I personally didn’t like many of the others but I can recommend the chocolate! 🙂 


#3 Chee Cha Puffs! these healthy little chips are potato puffs and are just sprayed with a thin bit of oil and dusted lightly with seasoning! They come in so many flavours and the highest fat content is 3g of fat for the cheese dill and ketchup but other flavours of salt and vinegar and plain etc. Are even less! And guess what? The serving size is 2 cups! YUP 2 CUPS! ONLY 16 carbs!


#4 Hazelnut coffee! Of course no sugar or anything in this! Just an amazing sweet hazelnut flavour! This coffee is awesome! I hated coffee until I tried this! It’s perfect on it’s own with no bitter aftertaste 🙂


#5 Peppermint Tea by Tim Hortons, Okay hands down this is amazing. This is my ultimate obsession lately! It tastes so good if you just add a tbsp of milk and 1 splenda packet! I hate tea but this is just my one exception. It tastes like heaven on a cold day. If you want to try it then just buy a cup from tim horton’s! They use this exact tea !

So that wraps up my top 5 store bought treats for now! I have plenty more though so look out for post #2! 

Comment if you want to know more about any of these items 🙂



What are your favourite healthy store bought snacks? Share please!