Giant, Filling Salad for Dinner! (Recipe)


Like I promised here is dinner for tonight! A large super filling salad. Believe me when I say filling. I make salads way, way to big and I always end up finishing it because I hate to waste them. Although I feel stuffed I know I ate very healthy so I don’t feel bad! Plus I am trying to put on weight/muscle at the moment, so the more food the better haha :). & I have to admit..for dessert I had a teeny piece of a Skor chocolate cookie square. My Mom starts her Christmas baking early and freezes everything so this is the only piece I will get until Christmas! It was so good… 🙂

Wanna make my salad?
-Use assorted veggies of choice
-shredded black forest ham
-plain shredded chicken with a salt & pepper
-chopped green onion

For Dressing:
-1-2 tbsp apple cider(I like mine very vinegary so I put a lot!)
-1/2 tbsp olive oil (More if you’d like but watch the fat!)
-Drizzle of balsamic vinegar to taste
(add all ingredients to salad and toss)

Simple as that! Quick, healthy, filling dinner!

Nutrition Facts for Dressing: 6.5g fat(healthy fats!), 0g carbs, 0g sugar

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