My Post-Workout Snack & Dinner Today

For a snack today I was pretty hungry after finishing my workout so I opted for a large protein shake(minus the protein powder!) It included 1 frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1 tbsp almond butter, 2 tsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp vanilla.
Sausage and Caramalized Apples
Dinner was sooo sooo good!! You should all make this recipe that I found here:

On the left is cabbage cooked with spicy italian turkey sausage and onions & on the right is caramelized apples cooked in coconut oil with cinnamon, raisins and coconut milk (This was like eating apple pie).
I highly highly recommend you try out this dinner!

Sunnyside-Up Egg Over Spinach & Butternut Squash

Spinach Egg butternut squash

Egg Spinach Breakfast

This was a really nice change from my plain eggs for breakfast! The addition of squash, spinach and onions really takes breakfast up a notch! It’s also crazy easy to’s what you’ll need:

-1 egg( you could always change this to two eggs!)
-1/3 cup chopped cooked/roasted butternut squash
-1 cup chopped spinach or other greens
-1/4 of an onion
-2 small cloves of garlic
-salt/pepper to taste
-1/2 tbsp olive oil

Directions: In a pan over medium-low heat, heat oil and add onions and cook until just transparent. Then add garlic and stir for another 30 seconds or so and throw in spinach. Cook for about 30 seconds and throw in butternut squash just to heat through. Stir and saute until everything is hot. In the mean time fry an egg with a little salt and pepper. Put the spinach/squash mixture in a bowl and top with the egg. Break open the yolk with a fork and let it run over everything! Delicious and super healthy.

Fast Lunch with Avocado

Egg and Avocado Salad

This is a simple recipe that I made when I was in a rush to get out the door. It only requires about 5 main ingredients!

-1/2 Avocado chopped
-2 hardboiled eggs chopped with salt and pepper
-2-4tbsp salsa
-1/3 cup romaine lettuce shredded
-1/2 a small tomato chopped

Directions: Combine everything in a bowl and eat up! Simple as that.

My Lunch Today..& Recipe

Lettuce Wrap

I made this lunch up completely on the spot with whatever I had in my fridge and actually it turned out tasting way better than I had hoped! Here’s the ingredients :)…

-2 Large leaves of romaine
-1-1.5 tbsp spicy hummus
-1/4 of a large avocado
-20g fig goat cheese(or any you have available!)
-1/2 a small tomato
-1/8 cup chopped red onion
-1 small piece of chicken chopped (I just used left over dijon chicken!)
-sprinkle of walnuts
-1/4 tsp red pepper flakes(or to taste, I like things spicy!)
-1/8 tsp garlic/onion powder
-sprinkle of basil/oregano
-salt/pepper to taste
-drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Spread hummus onto leaves, throw on the avocado and sprinkle lightly with garlic/onion powder, add goat cheese, tomato, onion, chicken, walnuts, then sprinkle basil/oregano(more oregano then basil)/salt/pepper to taste. Then drizzle balsamic to your liking. Enjoy! ūüôā

Simple, fast and delicious..Those are the kind of lunches I like!

Healthy Snacks

Cinnamon Banana Coconut Yogurt

Cinnamon Banana Yogurt
I made this snack as we have about a pound of ripe bananas that need using up so instead of another smoothie I decided to chop some banana over plain 0% greek yogurt(mixed with a drop of coconut extract, 1/8 tsp vanilla & a few drops of stevia) topped with cinnamon, pecans & unsweetened shredded coconut..mmmm.

Tuna Apple Snack I also had this great snack of tuna mixed with my usual dijon mustard, pepper, yellow mustard, green onion and 1 small dill pickle chopped and then I also ate 1/2 an apple with chopped almonds, a drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup and a few raisins.

Lettuce Wrap Snack
Another snack I put together was lettuce wraps with some spicy hummus, avocado, green/red onion, pinch of garlic/onion powder & cayenne wrapped in ham as well. I really love how versatile avocado is!
Lettuce Wrap Snack2

What I Ate-Dinners

Fajita Salad
I just thought that I would sum up all my specific dinners/lunches/snacks in separate posts since I have had so little time to write and so many meals I’ve eaten haha. So to start off, this was a super tasty dinner of chicken, onions & red and orange peppers cooked with fajita seasoning and topped with tomatoes, romaine lettuce, avocado, a sprinkle of cheese and a little sour cream & salsa..yum!

Shrimp Salad This Dinner was a throw together kind of one because I had to babysit so I packaged up a simple shrimp salad with walnuts, goat cheese and a homemade light mayo based dressing!
Shrimp Salad 2
Butternut Squash Soup
Another dinner I ate when I had more time was this delicious butternut squash soup and a side of chicken…I will post the recipe soon! ūüôā

Sausage For Breakfast and Roast Feast for Dinner!

Hey guys, so today’s meals were ones that were quick and easy to prepare since I have been spending most of my time studying! But as always they are still pretty tasty :)! Don’t mind my terrible photography and food arrangement skill haha it wasn’t my best attempt…

Eggs and Sausage Breakfast
Breakfast today was just good old fashioned sausages with an easy over egg(my favourite way to eat an egg!) & a bowl of strawberries and blueberries.
Tea Cup
I also had a delicious cup of tea..okay make that two cups! I was never much of a tea drinker until I found my one and only love David’s Tea! There teas are AH-mazing. My current favourite is this cookie dough tea with a drop of maple syrup! So yummy.
Salad lUNCH
Lunch was one of my usual outrageous salads. I go a little crazy with the toppings to be honest. I don’t think you can even see much of the actual lettuce lol. This salad included a crumbling of fig goat cheese, garlic & herb goat cheese, half a can of leftover tuna with a little salt/pepper, shredded black forest ham, red & green onion, cucumber, tomato, romaine lettuce, carrots, red pepper and pecans. Woah I never realized how much stuff I put in..I think I have everything except the kitchen sink. But oh well, it was absolutely delicious served with italian dressing!
Avocado Snack
My snack today was also quite simple but I tried my best to make it look pretty. It came out looking more awkward then attractive though..Anyways I had a hard boiled egg(duh) and an avocado topped with cayenne pepper, green onion, a little red onion, garlic/onion powder, pinch of chili powder, lots of red pepper flakes and yes a dash of reduced sodium soya sauce(soo good with avocado). Plus a weird arrangement of red peppers!
Roast Feast
Dinner was the best meal today. It was my Mom’s homemade Roast Feast. (I think the recipe can be found online easily). It’s one of my favourite dinners! It’s made with white potatoes as well but I only had parsnips in my bowl. I think my favourite part is actually the cabbage because it soaks up all the sauce so well and is just delicious. Too bad I probably won’t be having this for another while! It’s a nice treat though :).

I hope you enjoyed my meals today! What is your favourite way to eat an egg? I asked my Mom this morning and she said it depends on her mood, how about you? ūüôā

The Outline of How I Eat-Finally! What Works.

***Before Reading This, Please Take Into Account That I Wrote This When I First Started My Blog, Since Then My Knowledge of Nutrition And Fitness Has Changed Drastically!( Please read my newer post on IIFYM to find out more). :)***


So as some of you may know, I hate the term “diet” because what diet means to me is a food version of the old “get rich, quick” scheme, ¬†you see all these programs that say “3 weeks” or “2 months to the perfect body!” or “abs in minutes!” ¬†and we all know how well that works out..Once you complete your 3 month plan then where do you go? Obviously you would guess that people would just continue to follow the same rules on their own. Right? But that’s hardly ever the case. Once people reach these goals they think “Hey I finished! and they begin to fall back into their old routine feeling that the have accomplished what they needed to. You need to think long-term, lifestyle changes! As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. When it comes to eating healthy and fitness as a lifestyle, you can still set goals, just make sure they are attainable! For example “my goal is to lose/gain 2 pounds every 2 weeks”. Then after reaching that goal. Make another one! Always, Always have a goal!¬†

¬†¬†Mistake 1: Now we go into how you can make a lifestyle change properly. It’s not going to happen overnight and remember everything needs time.¬†No program, way of eating, etc. is going to change you instantly, so give every eating style a chance before ditching it!¬†Many people make the mistake of sticking to a plan for a short period of time and then quickly discarding it because they don’t immediately become some greek god in the first week!

Mistake 2:¬†If we look at foods, just because something says gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free..etc. doesn’t mean it’s healthy!!¬†Actually more often than not, the foods that don’t have these sayings on them will actually be better for you! For example, Jiff “Reduced Fat” creamy peanut butter has 6g fat per tbsp, 1g saturated, 1g fibre, 3.5g protein,7.5g carbs and 2g sugar. Regular all natural peanut butter has 8g fat, 2g saturated, 1g fibre, 5g protein, 3g carbs and 1g sugar

Okay so other than Jiff having less fat, they aren’t all that different right? Wrong! Natural as you can see has more protein, less sugar and less carbs than the Jiff. So where are all those extra carbs in Jiff coming from? Hmm..let’s see..


Jiff Ingredients:


Yumm! Who doesn’t love some corn syrup solids in the morning? Doesn’t look quite as appetizing does it?

Now check out natural peanut butter’s ingredients:

Roasted Peanuts.

Point prosmuckers_natural_pbven ūüėČ Would you rather have a heap of random ingredients on your toast in the morning or would you rather have ACTUAL PEANUT BUTTER?

Alright so now you know not to go for low-fat/low-carb options etc. just because they look better on the outside. But full-fat options of many things are actually really great! As long as you look for healthy fats. I eat full-fat meats, dairy products, peanut butter, coconut milk etc. and get my other healthy fats from coconut oil(yes it’s saturated but there is a good type of saturated fat!), olive oil, avocados, nuts etc.

Those are just 2 mistakes I have for now but I will be posting a ton more that I have learned from!

Now onto the ultimate outline I almost guarantee will help you meet any fitness goals you want if you follow it:

This is the way I eat and I have seen so much improvement in my fitness and body since changing my eating habits.

whole-grains1#1)¬†Eliminate Grains, This includes quinoa & rice etc. I know this is killing some of you to read but I swear by it now. Our bodies are not meant to eat these and I personally found that my muscles were much more defined after removing these. Although I love breads, pasta & oatmeal, I find that I don’t miss them all too much because there are so many substitutes out there! (Look at some of my most recent recipes for ideas!). Plus you get to eat a ton more vegetables & fruit which is really great for you! So replace your carbs with fruits & veggies such as bananas, apples, strawberries, pears, peaches, berries, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, beats, spaghetti/butternut squash, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, snap peas..etc!

#2) Eleminate all refined sugars, Even sweeteners I go easy on now, the only one I will still use is stevia and very rarely a sprinkle of splenda just as a topping for something. Instead replace them with pure maple syrup or honey!

#3) RAISE THAT FAT INTAKE-Still keep a reasonable calorie intake but change the percentages to lower the amount of carbs. Now that you cut out grains, there will be less need for high amounts of carbs. Instead raise your fat to be about 70% or so of your daily intake to help replace the cutting of carbs! This was one of the best things I did because automatically my muscles began to feel stronger, I have more energy, I am eating way¬†better tasting foods¬†than all that low-fat crap, including BUTTER yes I dare say the word(although it is vegan!), peanut butter, almond butter, whole eggs, full-fat meats such as pulled pork, sausages, bacon(yup!), full fat coconut milk, dark chocolate, avocados, coconut etc. Don’t be scared to raise your fat levels. As long as carbs are low and you are at a healthy calorie intake then¬†FATS WILL NOT MAKE YOU¬†FAT, They will actually help with weight loss rather than making you put on weight!¬†

#4) Make sure you are getting enough protein! If you are increasing fats, make sure you are still getting enough protein at about 1g per pound of bodyweight.

#5)Don’t go to crazy with fruit, now that you are mainly eating fruits and veggies you may feel the need to eat all you want but make sure to keep vegetable intake higher and limit fruit to about 2 servings per day for best results! The sugars are natural but still quite high in fruit!

#6)Have a cheat meal once a week, lastly this is most important, we are all human and there comes a type when you realize, there really is no substitute for a plate full of soft warm garlic bread… So once a week take a meal off and go out with friends or just eat at home but eat whatever you’d like! Something you’ve been craving. This won’t affect your results and will keep future cravings at bay. My last cheat meal was when I went out to eat and ordered a huge bowl of shrimp pasta and ate about 1 whole mini loaf of warm italian bread with butter plus a bowl of starter salad. Now that’s how you cheat.


I hope this helps some of you guys out! Remember, this really is an outline and you can always tailor it to meat your specific needs. My “diet” is a pretty close spin-off of Paleo but I can’t consider myself 100% since I still love to eat peanut butter, occasionally beans and some dairy! Make it your own and go with it. Goodluck!

What did you think of these tips? Let me know in the comments below!

***EDIT*** As some of you may have noticed, my diet has changed quite a bit! I will be posting a new outline sometime soon to share with you how I have gained lean muscle and finally fallen into an easy program that works and guess what…doesn’t involve calorie counting. Stay tuned for more! haha.***


What I ate today…

Today was a pretty great day food-wise. I picked up some new foods to try and also grabbed ¬†an easy lunch since I did not at all feel like cooking, and you know somedays, although I love them, I don’t feel like a giant salad.

Sooo… Breakfast was 2 sunny-side up eggs and a bowl of strawberries and blueberries(forgot to take a picture but I figured it wan’t all that exciting anyways).
Rotisserie Chicken
Lunch was this awesome rotisserie chicken from Remark. Yup I ate the whole half. I know I eat chicken a lot but this rotisserie chicken, I can never seem to pass-up. I just love the flavour of it and it’s always a nice treat! I never eat the skin though, I just love how soft and moist the meat inside gets! I ate it with a side of carrots and my new favourite vegetable, snow peas. Yum!
Almonds Pistachios
Snack wasn’t very creative because I was lazy but oh well, good thing I have a giant bag of pistachios and almonds sitting around.

Italian Sausage
Dinner was pretty easy but tasted great! I just bought these spicy italian turkey sausages today and cooked it up with a side of steamed carrots and a zucchini fried in a little olive oil with salt/pepper/garlic & onion powder..really awesome!

Coconut Popsicle
Lastly to finish off my great dinner I had an even better dessert. I decided last minute to buy these all natural coconut popsicles as a treat. They were really good! I actually got a nice little surprise at the end when I discovered the popsicle had real coconut in the bottom layer. If you love coconut you should try these! They are made with Filtered Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut, Guar Gum, Xanthan, Citric Acid.
Not too bad if you ask me!
Anyways, my day will end with my usual snack of 2% cottage cheese and 1 large tbsp of peanut butter..two things I can’t go a day without regardless of how many people diss my love of cottage cheese ;).

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Paleo Cereal For Breakfast

Paleo Cereal

Paleo Cereal New Close Up

Paleo Cereal New

One thing I never really liked was cereal, a lot of people might call me crazy but I was just never a “cereal person”. I’d rather have eaten a muffin or bagel for breakfast before going paleo. But now I discovered..cereal can actually be really good and I guarantee, you will probably like paleo cereal just as much if not more than regular cereal! It’s got tons of different things in it including chocolate.. and tastes soo good, like I can’t explain how much I love this recipe. Each bite has a new flavour since there are so many unique ingredients and the sweetness from it is just perfect. Anyways..Here’s how you make it! Take me to the recipe!