Sausage For Breakfast and Roast Feast for Dinner!

Hey guys, so today’s meals were ones that were quick and easy to prepare since I have been spending most of my time studying! But as always they are still pretty tasty :)! Don’t mind my terrible photography and food arrangement skill haha it wasn’t my best attempt…

Eggs and Sausage Breakfast
Breakfast today was just good old fashioned sausages with an easy over egg(my favourite way to eat an egg!) & a bowl of strawberries and blueberries.
Tea Cup
I also had a delicious cup of tea..okay make that two cups! I was never much of a tea drinker until I found my one and only love David’s Tea! There teas are AH-mazing. My current favourite is this cookie dough tea with a drop of maple syrup! So yummy.
Salad lUNCH
Lunch was one of my usual outrageous salads. I go a little crazy with the toppings to be honest. I don’t think you can even see much of the actual lettuce lol. This salad included a crumbling of fig goat cheese, garlic & herb goat cheese, half a can of leftover tuna with a little salt/pepper, shredded black forest ham, red & green onion, cucumber, tomato, romaine lettuce, carrots, red pepper and pecans. Woah I never realized how much stuff I put in..I think I have everything except the kitchen sink. But oh well, it was absolutely delicious served with italian dressing!
Avocado Snack
My snack today was also quite simple but I tried my best to make it look pretty. It came out looking more awkward then attractive though..Anyways I had a hard boiled egg(duh) and an avocado topped with cayenne pepper, green onion, a little red onion, garlic/onion powder, pinch of chili powder, lots of red pepper flakes and yes a dash of reduced sodium soya sauce(soo good with avocado). Plus a weird arrangement of red peppers!
Roast Feast
Dinner was the best meal today. It was my Mom’s homemade Roast Feast. (I think the recipe can be found online easily). It’s one of my favourite dinners! It’s made with white potatoes as well but I only had parsnips in my bowl. I think my favourite part is actually the cabbage because it soaks up all the sauce so well and is just delicious. Too bad I probably won’t be having this for another while! It’s a nice treat though :).

I hope you enjoyed my meals today! What is your favourite way to eat an egg? I asked my Mom this morning and she said it depends on her mood, how about you? 🙂

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