Post-Workout Snack, Should you be counting calories? & Portion Size

Post Workout
After finishing another intense 20min HIIT workout I ate this delicious snack of greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, pecans and a light drizzle of honey. It was the perfect thing to fill me up. I also wanted to share with you my goals and changes I want to make regarding my eating habits.

I found that I worry about counting calories and eating the exact amount waayyy to much and it kind of limits my creativity in the kitchen. So by following guidance from an awesome fitness inspiration “Zuzana” as well as bodybuilders Heather Frey, alfonso and Fern Assard I have concluded that counting calories is really not the way to go. Now don’t all of you go and freak out on me! I am obviously not saying we shouldn’t be conscious of what we are eating. I just think that instead of counting numbers we should be counting on our bodies to tell us what and when to eat. If you feel hungry, don’t starve yourself! Eat food! Just make sure to choose a healthy source and eat ONLY until you feel satisfied. By doing this your meals will be smaller and more frequent.

If you are still worried about portion size, some great rules to follow are:
-1 serving of whole grains(may increase for male, this is just for me): 1 cupped handful: ex. oats, pasta or 1 slice bread.
-fruit-about 1 cup chopped or 1 piece of fruit(apple/banana/orange)
-green leafy vegetables, 1-2 cups(for someone smaller like myself 1 is enough but feel free to eat more if it’s not!) examples: kale, spinach, romaine etc.
-vegetables-1 cup examples: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomato etc.
-Protein-size/thickness of the palm of your hand, not including fingers! (ex. chicken, fish, beef, flank steak, eggs etc.)
-Greek Yogurt & Cottage cheese-1/2-3/4 cup
-oils-2tsp or 1/2 tbsp (this is a tricky one because if you are making a salad of some kind and don’t have much other fat in your meal then you could up this to 1 tbsp, just be mindful of it since it is a lot of fat although very important)
-nuts/seeds-1 small handful

A good meal example might be a salad with an olive oil based dressing, 1 cup leafy greens, 1 cup assorted veggies or 1/2 cup chopped fruit and 1/2 cup veggies if you want a sweeter salad + 1 serving of lean protein.
1 serving of whole wheat pasta with vegetables and lean protein.

I still think that knowing roughly how many calories you take in is important so maybe for a week or so, get used to seeing how many calories are in your food and finding a close estimate as to what amount works for you then once you get used to seeing the portion size, you can easily just estimate! I know that I could probably tell you all the calories I ate today roughly without even looking anything up just because of past research.

Also! Another change I want to make with my eating habits is to remove processed foods. I know I am pretty good about this but I still have things like fat-free italian dressing and sugar-free syrup etc. which I know is bad although I only eat them in moderation I have decided to start making more homemade dressings and use real honey although it has more calories, because after all it is natural.

Anyways, that’s about all for now! Let me know what your goals are for the future 🙂

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