Protein Edge Bar-Lite, Wildberry Yogurt Review

Protein Edge bar

Protein edge bar2

I don’t normally do reviews but this bar was totally worth it! I first tried the chocolate protein edge bar before trying this one since I bought a bunch at once. I actually really didn’t care for the chocolate, it had that gross protein powder aftertaste. So I was pretty hesitant when trying this bar. But when I did I was so surprised! It tasted delicious! No gross taste at all. To compare the taste, it reminds me of the quaker strawberry yogurt bar that I used to eat. The best part is that it has little pieces of dried fruit. Here are the nutrition facts for the bar:

nutrition info bar

I admit that the ingredients are not greatest since it does contain corn syrup but these are still a good post-workout snack to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of eating a chocolate bar. Plus you are getting fibre and protein! More positives are that they contain 20 vitamins and minerals and are gluten free. I highly recommend them :). I am going to try the caramel crunch one next and hopefully review it too!

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