The Best Way To Eat Avocado

avocado toast

I love coming up with new variations on the same ingredients. I  especially love working with what I’ve got. While on vacation I didn’t have all of my usual stock pile of healthy foods so instead I improvised and bought an avocado & some whole wheat bread to go with a can of chicken I had brought along with some low-fat miracle whip I found in the fridge and a little salt and pepper.

This little snack is absolutely delicious and can be eaten as a sandwich or toasted as well!


-1-2 slices of whole wheat or rye bread

-1/2-1 tbsp low-fat miracle whip or mayo

-1/4 of a can of chicken shredded (I use the canned, kirkland brand but feel free to use rotisserie or plain chicken too)

-1/4 of an avocado sliced thinly

-freshly ground pepper and salt to taste (I like a lot but that’s just me!)


Optional: Try swapping chicken with tuna or salmon or even adding in some blackforest ham/green/red onion.

Directions: Spread the bread with mayo(or toast before hand if desired) , top with avocado slices, then chicken and salt and pepper.

Enjoy! Simple and delicious!




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