What I ate Today & The person behind the posts!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my delicious clean and healthy food I had today…
wrap carrots
For breakfast I ate another one of my peanut butter apple wraps. with a few raw carrots.

salmon salad

For Lunch I had a salad with salmon, avocado, red onion, crushed pistachios, tomato, sliced cucumber & dill pickles. I drizzled it with a little balsamic vinegar and served it over a bed of romaine lettuce. I also had a few carrots again. (If you haven’t already noticed, I loveee carrots! I eat them 24/7 haha).

Frozen Fruit Icecream

My snack today was a really tasty frozen fruit ice cream with a little protein powder and almond milk. It included almost all the fruits in my freezer! (1/2 a banana, handful of raspberries/blueberries/strawberries and 2 slices of frozen peach).

swiss chalet carrot dinner

For dinner I ate left over rotisserie chicken with some brown rice, soya sauce, and homemade coconut oil carrot fries(seasoned with paprika, salt/pepper and cayenne). I topped it all of with a little swiss chalet dipping sauce we made the day before. So good!

Icecream sandwich

Later I was still a bit hungry and normally I don’t have treats so I guess I just really felt like something sweet tonight…I secretly snuck one of my Mom’s new skinny cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches..it was amazing!

Now I am off to do my workout and will most likely finish the day with my usual cottage cheese and a spoonful of natural peanut butter 🙂

Did you do your workout for today? Look out for a new workout routine on my site!

Also here is a picture from my recent vacation if you are wondering about the person behind the posts haha. 🙂 Ignore the sunglasses, they were a little big and kept falling down my face!


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