Diet/Lifestyle Changes, How I Eat -UPDATED

I am so excited to do this post! A while ago I posted an outline of how I eat on a day to day basis and while I still follow many similar rules, I have changed lots of little things! I felt that my post was getting pretty out of date so here is just a little info to fill you guys in on my new changes :).

1.) I have brought back grains into my diet, I still eat fairly low-carb naturally but I have no problem including a slice of whole wheat bread or oats for breakfast or some brown rice with dinner after a hard workout! I find that I  just feel better eating some grains/carbs.

2.) This is a big one!…I no longer count calories. Yup you heard me right! The only time I count now is for my posts to give you guys an estimate for the meals I create. It took a while to get away from counting everything and granted I still think of the numbers in my head at times but I no longer write things down and worry about every little detail. Instead I have learned to focus on portion size.  Portioning food is my new best friend! I just make sure I am eating enough to fuel my body but not enough to stuff it. This means that I can eat higher fat, high calorie foods (that are of course made of clean ingredients) and not worry about it because I know I will not over eat with them!

3.) I am currently changing my diet to be all natural, all clean foods. So this highly processed foods, no refined sugars( no low-fat italian salad dressing! 😦 ), no ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (this is a tough one for me because I am still debating over my stevia extract!). But so far eating only clean whole foods has felt amazing and I never knew how good they could taste without all the added sweeteners and extras!

4.) Lowering my salt intake. This has got to be the worst for me haha. I absolutely love, love, love salt. If you can add salt to it, I will. But lately I have been very conscious of the amount I put on food and I am slowly decreasing it. For example, I had egg whites this morning with absolutely no salt and they weren’t even bad to me like the first time I had tried them without salt! I think your tastebuds just naturally adjust after awhile.


I hope that clears things up. That’s about it for now! If you have any questions about my diet or just nutrition/fitness in general please feel free to ask! I am happy to answer :).

Hopefully I will have time to post some new recipes.. for now here’s just a sample of what I had today, it was an amazing sweet snack that is 100% clean.

Peach raspberry yogurt


Dethawed/warm peaches, raspberries and mango over 0% plain greek yogurt with a 5 or 6 crushed pecans. Delicious.


4 thoughts on “Diet/Lifestyle Changes, How I Eat -UPDATED

  1. Hey Sam!
    I love, love, love your blog! Super inspirational =) I’ve been eating clean for a while now and it’s difficult but soooo worth it! Get rid of that stevia! You are 100% right when you say that your tastebuds will adjust, it will happen faster than you think, and in the meantime try to add natural honey to sweeten food instead. (I don’t eat dairy anymore but when I did the plain greek yogurt always killed me, adding honey or mashed berries definitely takes the edge off.) And replace the salt with pepper! I think sometime that we just want to shake something onto our food and pepper is a great alternative, plus it helps improve digestion! Keep it comin girl, your ideas are awesome!
    Tara =P

    • Hey thanks Tara, that’s really awesome! It is definitely worth it. & I know I think I will! I had my greek yogurt without it again today and I really don’t mind it plain anymore ! & That’s funny I actually just made french toast this morning with a little honey and vanilla :). & I do that too! I put lots of pepper on my eggs now haha, I didn’t know it had health benefits! & Spices help a lot too! Anyways, I’m really glad you like my blog and it’s cool that you are into clean eating as well! :).

  2. Hi Sam! I just found your blog, and really like this post. I think I’d really benefit from trying out a few of the changes you’ve made, especially with the portion control. I’m not always amazing with my portions. (I.E: I’m always hungry at night, so I eat a lot, but then I’m not hungry in the morning, but then I’m hungry again at night, etc.) I think if I could have small portions of foods throughout the day, that would really help!

    • Hey! Thanks so much! & Portion control is hard to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, it can be amazing, as the saying goes “everything in moderation” :). And oh my gosh, I am always hungry at night too! I usually eat cottage cheese (I actually love it) and a spoonful of peanut butter every night before bed because I cannot go to sleep hungry! Try to aim for foods high in fat/protein and low in carbohydrates before bed! 🙂 A handful of nuts/trail mix or eggs is another great option. Anyways tell me how portion control works out for you 🙂 I am interested to hear!


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