My Snack Today…

Shrimp Platter

Did you guys know I just recently started a seafood diet? Yup that’s right! I see-food and I eat it! lol, okay that’s probably one of the most over-used jokes around but I just had to say it. Today I had this awesome snack of shrimp with cocktail sauce and veggies with hummus. This whole ring of shrimp was all mine!! I’ll be honest I ate about 15 shrimp and had some cocktail sauce with them but seriously the shrimp were already so good on their own I only used about 1/2 tsp of the whole sauce! It’s crazy how much they give you haha. Anyways I will definitely finish off this beautiful platter tomorrow. Question: Do you like seafood? I used to hate anything remotely fishy but since opening up and trying new things I fell in love with it! A lot of people never give it a chance though so I definitely recommend you try something simple to start like some grouper, snapper, tilapia etc. then move on to maybe shrimp, scallops..or even conch! (That stuff is amazing!). So goal for today: Try something new.

Talk to you all tomorrow :).


P.S: New workouts/recipes are soon to come!

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