What I ate Today x2

Hey! Today I had some sweet snacks and found some new favourites. Here’s my day in pictures…

My usual egg white oats with almond butter, smashed strawberries/blueberries heated with a little sweetener & crushed peanuts.
Finger foods for lunch! I had some crackers with cream cheese and bruschetta, a slice of black forest ham along with shrimp and cocktail sauce. Yum!

I had some amazing treats today. I went out to the new froyo place called “Chill” where they use all organic/natural ingredients (they use greek yogurt). Their yogurt was different then the typical places, it was thicker and more creamy, the toppings there were outrageous with everything from skor bits to full brownies and real cheesecake! The staff was also awesome and let us choose any free drink. I tried this zero calorie flavoured/carbonated water which was really good! I also got super lucky and found out Popeyes was selling the new white chocolate raspberry quest bars so I picked up a few that I can’t wait to try along with some other favourites of mine. I also bought PB2 which I have been dying to try!
For dinner I had 2 easy over eggs with rye bread & chicken bacon(along with some carrots not pictured above). This bacon is by far closest to the real thing as you can get without all the extra calories. It got super crispy, just how I like it!
For dessert I had blueberries/strawberries mixed with a little sweetener and topped with whip cream.

What did you eat today?

Paleo Sunny Avocado-Egg Lettuce Wraps



Brighten up any cloudy morning with a beautiful breakfast of sunny-side up eggs over fresh avocado lettuce wraps. These little wraps will keep you full for hours with a large serving of healthy fats, fibre and protein. This recipe is also paleo and vegetarian friendly! This perfect breakfast can’t get any better…

Serves 1:

-2 large romaine leaves
-2 thick slices of a large tomato chopped (1/2 a small tomato)
-1/2 a large avocado sliced thinly
-1-2 tbsp finely chopped red onion
-1 whole chopped green onion
-1 pinch of garlic powder/onion powder
-1 pinch of chili pepper flakes(optional for added spice)
-salt/pepper to taste
-2 large eggs + extra salt/pepper to taste

Directions: Place the 2 romaine leaves on a large plate and sprinkle tomato, avocado, red onion, green onion, garlic/onion powder and red chili pepper flakes on top. Meanwhile, preheat a frying pan over low-medium heat sprayed with a little olive oil cooking spray. Cook 2 eggs until just set(middle still runny) by cooking gently on each side for about 1-2minutes. (while cooking sprinkle well with salt and pepper).
Take off the hot eggs and top each romaine leaf with one each. Grab a fork and knife & break the yolks of each egg letting the beautiful yolk spill over your lettuce wraps! Enjoy!

I’ve always loved the fact that egg yolks create their own delicious sauce!

Nutrition Facts: 290 calories, 20.5g fat, 8g carbs, 16g protein, 5g fibre

Today’s Healthy Eats…

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie
Late posting! I know! But here’s what I ate today. I hope you guys like these posts! I really just wanted to give you some healthy ideas for meals without writing out a whole recipe and just to give you an idea of how I eat on a daily basis :). Let me know if I am boring you! haha. Anyways this was my delicious breakfast. Very simple, a peanut butter banana smoothie with cinnamon and unsweetened vanilla almond milk..perfect! Okay and of course a little protein powder thrown in ;).
Lunch Salad Lunch salad 2
For lunch I ate this beautiful salad, it was almost too pretty to mess up haha. I topped it with some fresh lime juice and balsamic vinegar along with a few spices like oregano and basil. It didn’t need much dressing!

Eggs and Hummus Snack
My snack today was more like a mini meal with 2 scrambled eggs and some veggies with spicy hummus!

Dinner Pork Potatoes Salad
For dinner I had some pork roast with a little potato (not a huge fan of potatoes so didn’t quite finish it), corn and a fresh salad with chickpeas and a little goat cheese.
Fruit Almond Salad

Later for a late dessert/pre-workout snack I had some fresh fruit salad with almonds!
After my workout I had my usual bowl of cottage cheese and a spoonful of natural PB. Now it’s off to bed! Night! 🙂

P.S. Tip for today, drink lots of water! I know you hear it often but it’s so important. You don’t see it but with each of my meals I drink a tall glass of water(like the glass from my breakfast smoothie). Even when I have a smoothie I still drink the water or I have a cup of tea! 🙂


What I ate Yesterday..

Breakfast egg salad

Heyy, sorry I couldn’t post yesterday! I ended up going out to celebrate St. Patties day! So I thought I’d share what I had yesterday with you guys! To start off I had a yummy breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs over romaine lettuce with a little sweet potato hummus, chickpeas, peas and a small bit of ham.

Lunch Avocado Toast

For lunch I had my favourite toast with avocado, light mayo and chicken served with a side of fruit and veggies with hummus. Though I ended up not eating the fruit since I was a bit full.

iogo yogurt
Instead about an hour later I was craving something sweet so I tried this new no sugar added pineapple-banana-coconut yogurt..it was so good! It tasted just like a pina colada!

blueberry yogurt
I guess I was in a yogurt mood today because later I had some delicious greek yogurt mixed with a little stevia & vanilla and topped with natural blueberry jam, blueberries, high fibre whole grain cereal and a tiny bit of low-sugar syrup. So so delicious!

Chicken Sauce Dinner
Dinner was already made by my Mom today, it was also amazing! It was a sort of spicy tomato pasta sauce with veggies and chicken. I ate it over a bit of brown rice.

Roasted Cauliflower

Edit: I totally forgot to add that I add this awesome roasted cauliflower with my dinner! It was seasoned with paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne. 🙂

& That’s all for yesterday! Since I went out last night I wasn’t able to do my workout or eat my late night snack of cottage cheese/Peanut butter but I will be sure to work harder today to make up for it :). & That’s just life. If you miss a workout, it’s not the end of the world when fitness and health becomes a lifestyle. Remember tomorrow is always another day and one bad night will not affect you in the long run :).


Healthy Snacks & Breakfasts

Hey! Been gone for awhile yet again..school is keeping me busy but I am still trying to post lots of the weekends so these are just some pictures to catch you up on some of what I’ve been eating during the week. I am pretty boring for meals during school because it’s hard to find time to make really creative recipes, so most of these foods are simple and clean 🙂

Banana Baked Oatmeal 2 Baked Banana Oatmeal1

For breakfast one day I made baked banana oatmeal with mini enjoy life chocolate chips and walnuts..yummy! Ignore the messy pan. I so brilliantly forgot to grease it or spray it with pam so it was just a joy to clean out afterwards! But still completely worth the mess.

Strawberry Shortcake

Also during the week I made a funny looking microwave protein “strawberry shortcake” from a recipe I altered a bit. It was pretty tasty! I love my strawberry-rhubarb jam in just about anything though so that could be why it tasted so good. I could eat that stuff on cardboard and still enjoy it!

Snack Time Hummus

best protein bar 3

I also had a few really great snacks, I eat these pretty often because of convenience but they are actually so good. Sometimes simple really is best.

In the first photos/ first snack I had chipotle spicy hummus (from costco) with lots of carrots and cauliflower. I really recommend you try this hummus if you like spicy like I do! I have been through 3 hummus’ now trying to find one that was actually spicy enough for my liking and finally I think I found one! But I still threw in a few extra chili pepper flakes just cuz. 😉 I usually eat this with a side of red velvet cake tea from David’s tea and one of “The Best Homemade Protein Bars Ever”.

Fruit Bowl

Another snack I loveeeee to eat either right when I wake up or immediately following a workout is a bowl of fresh fruit. Thankfully I have an awesome Mom who makes a giant fruit bowl of mixed fruits every week so all I have to do is grab some!

Bedtime Post-Workout Snack

Bedtime snacks for me are usually high protein/high fat, low carb. But on this particular night I ran out of my awesome 2% cottage cheese (yes I LOVE plain cottage cheese, I know I’m weird.) and natural peanut butter which I usually just eat 1-2 tbsp of straight from the container haha. So instead since I did a really late workout I had some carbs/protein which included 3/4 cup 0% plain greek yogurt with mixed berries, a dash of stevia/vanilla extract/cinnamon & some low-sugar syrup.

P.S, “like” for my winnie the pooh spoon?

Ham english muffin

Another breakfast I randomly decided to take a picture of is actually one of my favourites even though it looks extremely boring. I just hadn’t gotten around to putting the jam on yet because it was early and I wasn’t really thinking about my photography skills, I just wanted to eat, haha. But it’s basically just a whole-wheat muffin with sugar-free natural strawberry/rhubarb jam and 2 pieces of Canadian Bacon. This breakfast contains 18g of protein so it’s really great! But even better is when I make a sunny-side up egg, 1 piece of bacon and the english muffin, half for dipping in the egg and half for spreading with jam..perfection!


Good Morning! Breakfast Today :)

Color Breakfast

colorful breakfastHey everyone, I hope you are having a great morning, it snowed more last night and looks super pretty outside today!
I made a quick breakfast that actually ended up being really bright and colorful so I thought I’d share. Also as you can see I am trying to drink a lot more water. It’s always important because your skin, hair & overall body will really benefit from it. You should try it out for a little and tell me any improvements you see! Talk to you all later. 🙂


Sausage For Breakfast and Roast Feast for Dinner!

Hey guys, so today’s meals were ones that were quick and easy to prepare since I have been spending most of my time studying! But as always they are still pretty tasty :)! Don’t mind my terrible photography and food arrangement skill haha it wasn’t my best attempt…

Eggs and Sausage Breakfast
Breakfast today was just good old fashioned sausages with an easy over egg(my favourite way to eat an egg!) & a bowl of strawberries and blueberries.
Tea Cup
I also had a delicious cup of tea..okay make that two cups! I was never much of a tea drinker until I found my one and only love David’s Tea! There teas are AH-mazing. My current favourite is this cookie dough tea with a drop of maple syrup! So yummy.
Salad lUNCH
Lunch was one of my usual outrageous salads. I go a little crazy with the toppings to be honest. I don’t think you can even see much of the actual lettuce lol. This salad included a crumbling of fig goat cheese, garlic & herb goat cheese, half a can of leftover tuna with a little salt/pepper, shredded black forest ham, red & green onion, cucumber, tomato, romaine lettuce, carrots, red pepper and pecans. Woah I never realized how much stuff I put in..I think I have everything except the kitchen sink. But oh well, it was absolutely delicious served with italian dressing!
Avocado Snack
My snack today was also quite simple but I tried my best to make it look pretty. It came out looking more awkward then attractive though..Anyways I had a hard boiled egg(duh) and an avocado topped with cayenne pepper, green onion, a little red onion, garlic/onion powder, pinch of chili powder, lots of red pepper flakes and yes a dash of reduced sodium soya sauce(soo good with avocado). Plus a weird arrangement of red peppers!
Roast Feast
Dinner was the best meal today. It was my Mom’s homemade Roast Feast. (I think the recipe can be found online easily). It’s one of my favourite dinners! It’s made with white potatoes as well but I only had parsnips in my bowl. I think my favourite part is actually the cabbage because it soaks up all the sauce so well and is just delicious. Too bad I probably won’t be having this for another while! It’s a nice treat though :).

I hope you enjoyed my meals today! What is your favourite way to eat an egg? I asked my Mom this morning and she said it depends on her mood, how about you? 🙂

What I ate today…

Today was a pretty great day food-wise. I picked up some new foods to try and also grabbed  an easy lunch since I did not at all feel like cooking, and you know somedays, although I love them, I don’t feel like a giant salad.

Sooo… Breakfast was 2 sunny-side up eggs and a bowl of strawberries and blueberries(forgot to take a picture but I figured it wan’t all that exciting anyways).
Rotisserie Chicken
Lunch was this awesome rotisserie chicken from Remark. Yup I ate the whole half. I know I eat chicken a lot but this rotisserie chicken, I can never seem to pass-up. I just love the flavour of it and it’s always a nice treat! I never eat the skin though, I just love how soft and moist the meat inside gets! I ate it with a side of carrots and my new favourite vegetable, snow peas. Yum!
Almonds Pistachios
Snack wasn’t very creative because I was lazy but oh well, good thing I have a giant bag of pistachios and almonds sitting around.

Italian Sausage
Dinner was pretty easy but tasted great! I just bought these spicy italian turkey sausages today and cooked it up with a side of steamed carrots and a zucchini fried in a little olive oil with salt/pepper/garlic & onion powder..really awesome!

Coconut Popsicle
Lastly to finish off my great dinner I had an even better dessert. I decided last minute to buy these all natural coconut popsicles as a treat. They were really good! I actually got a nice little surprise at the end when I discovered the popsicle had real coconut in the bottom layer. If you love coconut you should try these! They are made with Filtered Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut, Guar Gum, Xanthan, Citric Acid.
Not too bad if you ask me!
Anyways, my day will end with my usual snack of 2% cottage cheese and 1 large tbsp of peanut butter..two things I can’t go a day without regardless of how many people diss my love of cottage cheese ;).

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Some of my Meals…

Paleo Breakfast Sweet Potatoes
Breakfast: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with cayenne, paprika, salt & pepper topped with a sunny-side up egg, eaten with 2 pieces of costco ham bacon(my new favourite bacon).
Coconut Lime Shrimp Curry
Dinner: Coconut-lime shrimp curry, a recipe I followed but change a little by adding red pepper flakes, spicy thai sauce and serving over fried cauliflower rice!
Paleo Snack Pistachios and Ham
Snack: My usual bowl of assorted nuts(I took the picture after they were already partly eaten, there were almonds, woops!) & 2oz black forest ham with mustard of course.

Lately my meals have been pretty simple and I eat the same thing quite often because exams are coming up and I need all the time I can to study! haha. 🙂

Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast :)

Eggs & Bacon

Of course this is not traditional bacon on the side..but it’s a great substitute! It’s actually ham bacon and 97% fat-free! Only 1g of fat per slice & 4g protein each! I personally think it tastes much better than turkey bacon…especially topped with a little sugar-free syrup 😉

This breakfast is loaded with healthy protein and fats 🙂 *Recommended for anyone trying to eat low-carb