Healthy Taco Salad



Honestly I am not sure why I didn’t post this recipe sooner! I eat this almost weekly and it’s one of my favourite simple meals! It’s so filling and delicious, I don’t feel like I am missing out at all when I eat this awesome dinner. It’s better than TACOS. I’d never thought I would say that but yes I prefer this salad to regular tacos! It’s also high protein and lower in carbs. If you love mexican food and tacos as much as I do then you are sure to love this dish… Take me to the recipe!

Clean Eating, Meals for today…

Dinner Burrito Avocado
dinner burrito 2

Another late night! Lots of homework today šŸ˜¦ but I still wanted to get a post in. Today my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack were similar to yesterday’s so I didn’t get any photos but I did take a picture of my amazing dinner..One of my favourite meals! Burritos! I used a super yummy elzekiel wrap with extra lean ground beef(with taco seasoning), avocado, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, 0% plain greek yogurt and lime juice, green onion, cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes for topping! (I like things spicy!). It was so, so good!

pre-workout fruit and almonds

For a pre-workout snack I had another fruit bowl with almonds.

Post Workout Bed time snack

And..for my post-workout snack…the usual cottage cheese and natural peanut butter on the side haha. I always talk about this but I never post a picture so I figured why not. It’s not exciting but as you can tell I eat quite a bit after my workout!

Spicy Mexican Sweet Potato Mash

Mexican Sweet Potato Dinner
Super healthy and super delicious, this recipe is going in my books. It’s fast, easy and tastes like Mexico in a bowl..haha. Plus it has 24 grams of protein! Who needs tacos when you can have this for dinner?! Take me to the recipe!

High Protein Egg White Fajita(Top Pick!)

Alright guys this was hands down one of my best experiments yet! This isn’t any ordinary egg white burrito or fajita. The egg whites are specially seasoned to taste just like fajita chicken! Try it if you don’t believe me! This recipe is soo good! Take me to the recipe!