Breakfast & Dinner Today

Today I had a colourful breakfast and dinner which were just as beautiful to look at as they were delicious to eat!

Breakfast..I had my usual plain greek yogurt mixed with 2 drops of stevia and a little vanilla extract topped with fresh local berries, crushed almonds, and a dash of extra granular sweetener. Served with a drizzle of low-sugar syrup. (Plus, of course, a side of my favourite chocolate chai tea).
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After spending all day in the pool it was nice to have this amazing dinner waiting for us!- with 3 different salads, Mediterranean pasta salad, greek potato & quinoa with toasted sunflower seeds, spinach, tomato etc. with a homemade dressing. I also had the best barbecue chicken made with our favourite KC Masterpiece sauce topped with light miracle whip and a slice of tomato. Oh and delicious hot bean salad as well! This meal was all my Mom’s doing, did I ever mention she’s an even better cook then me?


Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying your summer! What is your favourite summer time meal? Please share!

Dinner & Bedtime Snack

Zucchini Pasta

Tonight I had a great tasting dinner of Zucchini “Pasta”(Zucchini peeled into strands and cooked in a oil sprayed hot pan for about 1-2min with a little salt) and homemade spaghetti ground beef sauce. I think I prefer zucchini over spaghetti squash as a pasta substitute and it’s so much easier to prepare!

Bedtime Snack Eggs and Carrots
I didn’t have a huge dinner so I was pretty hungry later. I had 2 hard boiled eggs and some carrots with my favourite light spicy hummus for a snack!