What I ate Today x2

Hey! Today I had some sweet snacks and found some new favourites. Here’s my day in pictures…

My usual egg white oats with almond butter, smashed strawberries/blueberries heated with a little sweetener & crushed peanuts.
Finger foods for lunch! I had some crackers with cream cheese and bruschetta, a slice of black forest ham along with shrimp and cocktail sauce. Yum!

I had some amazing treats today. I went out to the new froyo place called “Chill” where they use all organic/natural ingredients (they use greek yogurt). Their yogurt was different then the typical places, it was thicker and more creamy, the toppings there were outrageous with everything from skor bits to full brownies and real cheesecake! The staff was also awesome and let us choose any free drink. I tried this zero calorie flavoured/carbonated water which was really good! I also got super lucky and found out Popeyes was selling the new white chocolate raspberry quest bars so I picked up a few that I can’t wait to try along with some other favourites of mine. I also bought PB2 which I have been dying to try!
For dinner I had 2 easy over eggs with rye bread & chicken bacon(along with some carrots not pictured above). This bacon is by far closest to the real thing as you can get without all the extra calories. It got super crispy, just how I like it!
For dessert I had blueberries/strawberries mixed with a little sweetener and topped with whip cream.

What did you eat today?

The Best Way To Eat Avocado

avocado toast

I love coming up with new variations on the same ingredients. I  especially love working with what I’ve got. While on vacation I didn’t have all of my usual stock pile of healthy foods so instead I improvised and bought an avocado & some whole wheat bread to go with a can of chicken I had brought along with some low-fat miracle whip I found in the fridge and a little salt and pepper.

This little snack is absolutely delicious and can be eaten as a sandwich or toasted as well!


-1-2 slices of whole wheat or rye bread

-1/2-1 tbsp low-fat miracle whip or mayo

-1/4 of a can of chicken shredded (I use the canned, kirkland brand but feel free to use rotisserie or plain chicken too)

-1/4 of an avocado sliced thinly

-freshly ground pepper and salt to taste (I like a lot but that’s just me!)


Optional: Try swapping chicken with tuna or salmon or even adding in some blackforest ham/green/red onion.

Directions: Spread the bread with mayo(or toast before hand if desired) , top with avocado slices, then chicken and salt and pepper.

Enjoy! Simple and delicious!




Dinner Tonight & Healthy Alternative to Soda Crackers in Soup

Pea Veggie SOup best

pea soup spoon

For dinner tonight I had my all time favourite fast meal. Vegetable Pea Soup! I actually love pea soup because it is very hardy and filling, it’s also loaded with good things like fibre and protein! I buy the “Habitat” brand and the new “vegetable pea soup” now has no artificial ingredients! The ingredients are very simple and short so I know I am eating whole food :). Now, another important part of soup is the crackers! Who wants to eat soup without crackers? The crackers just add that delicious thickness we all know and love. Well, no worries, my quick healthy substitution is one piece of light toasted rye bread! I spray it with a little butter spray and crumble/dip it in my soup and mix it up. As the bread softens, it creates the perfect thickness of soup! It makes it creamy and delicious. I highly recommend you try this as it adds volume to the soup. So anyways, let me know what you think and report back if you try it out! Happy eating :)!

What’s your favourite kind of soup?

Comfort Foods, Breakfast & Dinner!

Breakfast Toast Banana PB

Breakfast Today I had an old favourite that I haven’t eaten for a long time! I had 2 slices of thick cut whole wheat bread with natural PB and banana! It was quite a bit and sadly I was full before finishing it all(so hard to throw out good food!) and I wish I hadn’t since I was starving by lunch time! I will probably stick to my usually more filling breakfasts on school days but this was a nice change :).

Pulled Pork Over Rice

For dinner I had some awesome homemade pulled pork (made by my Mom) served over brown rice. So good!

Let me know if you guys like these daily food posts! I will keep it up if you do!

Breakfast and Post-Workout Snack!

Breakfast ToastToday I ate toast for breakfast! ahhh I know what am I doing? But I am trying to gain weight and eating paleo I still manage to lose weight lol so I figure eating some healthy carbs like 1 small piece of rye bread in the morning and maybe a little quinoa with my fish at dinner isn’t going to kill me. Like I always say, you need to make your way of eating your own. You are never going to follow someone else’s plan to a T. Anyways, this toast was absolutely delicious with sugar-free handmade rhubarb-strawberry jam and natural peanut butter. I also ate 2 eggs and some carrots, snap peas and blackberries.

For lunch today I just had a large salad with avocado, feta cheese, 1/2 a tin of tuna, a little ham and about a tbsp of chopped pecans.

Before my workout I ate a very light snack of a few carrot sticks and a little hummus with 1 small piece of black forest ham.

Post Workout Snack2

After my workout I ate my large snack of greek yogurt(3/4 cup) mixed with a little stevia, vanilla and coconut extract topped with 1 cup of mixed fresh fruit(pineapple, mango, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, strawberry, melon) and about a tsp of honey.

I may be eating a late dinner as I am super full from my snack still and I ate a little later then I’d like to!