Coconut-Banana-Mango Ice cream! (TOP PICK)

cocout banana mango icecream new

coconut scoop

coconut banana swirl

Hey all! I thought it was about time I posted a new recipe! I can’t even remember the last time I shared one with you guys! But this recipe was worth the wait..This easily just became my new favourite go-to snack. This is absolutely delicious and is wayyy better for you then any regular ice cream! It can actually be eaten as a meal replacement (highly recommend it for breakfast!). It’s perfect for the warm weather coming up. It even looks like spring haha :). So now to the details I know you all want to know.. This little treat packs a good 284 calories, 5g fibre, only 3g fat, 21g yes 21g protein!(no protein powder!), & 41g carbs. You are also getting lots of healthy vitamins & nutrients from the fruit! So now how does that crazy high protein number come in when there is no protein powder you may ask? WELL, I guess you will just have to read more to find out….. Take me to the recipe!

Diet/Lifestyle Changes, How I Eat -UPDATED

I am so excited to do this post! A while ago I posted an outline of how I eat on a day to day basis and while I still follow many similar rules, I have changed lots of little things! I felt that my post was getting pretty out of date so here is just a little info to fill you guys in on my new changes :).

1.) I have brought back grains into my diet, I still eat fairly low-carb naturally but I have no problem including a slice of whole wheat bread or oats for breakfast or some brown rice with dinner after a hard workout! I find that I  just feel better eating some grains/carbs.

2.) This is a big one!…I no longer count calories. Yup you heard me right! The only time I count now is for my posts to give you guys an estimate for the meals I create. It took a while to get away from counting everything and granted I still think of the numbers in my head at times but I no longer write things down and worry about every little detail. Instead I have learned to focus on portion size.  Portioning food is my new best friend! I just make sure I am eating enough to fuel my body but not enough to stuff it. This means that I can eat higher fat, high calorie foods (that are of course made of clean ingredients) and not worry about it because I know I will not over eat with them!

3.) I am currently changing my diet to be all natural, all clean foods. So this highly processed foods, no refined sugars( no low-fat italian salad dressing! 😦 ), no ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (this is a tough one for me because I am still debating over my stevia extract!). But so far eating only clean whole foods has felt amazing and I never knew how good they could taste without all the added sweeteners and extras!

4.) Lowering my salt intake. This has got to be the worst for me haha. I absolutely love, love, love salt. If you can add salt to it, I will. But lately I have been very conscious of the amount I put on food and I am slowly decreasing it. For example, I had egg whites this morning with absolutely no salt and they weren’t even bad to me like the first time I had tried them without salt! I think your tastebuds just naturally adjust after awhile.


I hope that clears things up. That’s about it for now! If you have any questions about my diet or just nutrition/fitness in general please feel free to ask! I am happy to answer :).

Hopefully I will have time to post some new recipes.. for now here’s just a sample of what I had today, it was an amazing sweet snack that is 100% clean.

Peach raspberry yogurt


Dethawed/warm peaches, raspberries and mango over 0% plain greek yogurt with a 5 or 6 crushed pecans. Delicious.


What I ate Yesterday..

Breakfast egg salad

Heyy, sorry I couldn’t post yesterday! I ended up going out to celebrate St. Patties day! So I thought I’d share what I had yesterday with you guys! To start off I had a yummy breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs over romaine lettuce with a little sweet potato hummus, chickpeas, peas and a small bit of ham.

Lunch Avocado Toast

For lunch I had my favourite toast with avocado, light mayo and chicken served with a side of fruit and veggies with hummus. Though I ended up not eating the fruit since I was a bit full.

iogo yogurt
Instead about an hour later I was craving something sweet so I tried this new no sugar added pineapple-banana-coconut was so good! It tasted just like a pina colada!

blueberry yogurt
I guess I was in a yogurt mood today because later I had some delicious greek yogurt mixed with a little stevia & vanilla and topped with natural blueberry jam, blueberries, high fibre whole grain cereal and a tiny bit of low-sugar syrup. So so delicious!

Chicken Sauce Dinner
Dinner was already made by my Mom today, it was also amazing! It was a sort of spicy tomato pasta sauce with veggies and chicken. I ate it over a bit of brown rice.

Roasted Cauliflower

Edit: I totally forgot to add that I add this awesome roasted cauliflower with my dinner! It was seasoned with paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne. 🙂

& That’s all for yesterday! Since I went out last night I wasn’t able to do my workout or eat my late night snack of cottage cheese/Peanut butter but I will be sure to work harder today to make up for it :). & That’s just life. If you miss a workout, it’s not the end of the world when fitness and health becomes a lifestyle. Remember tomorrow is always another day and one bad night will not affect you in the long run :).


Key Lime Pie Greek Yogurt Recipe

key lime pie 2 key lime pie yogurt

I decided to create this recipe after trying a really good key lime pie yogurt on vacation. You can’t get it where I live so I thought why not attempt to make my own? It turned out really good! I also wanted to create this healthy alternative since I know one of my best friend’s absolute favourite desserts is key lime pie ;). This may not be 100% the same but it definitely tastes pretty dang good for being healthy. Not to mention it’s super high in protein. Don’t believe me? Just give it a whirl.

Serves 1:
-1 tbsp low-fat cream cheese
-1/2 cup greek yogurt
-1/4 tsp vanilla extract
-2-3 drops stevia sweetener (or another sweetener to taste, I would guess about 1 tsp of granular sweetener)
-1/2-1 tsp lime juice (depending on how strong you want it)
-1/4 tsp lime zest
-1 tsp honey graham cracker crumbs/crust

Directions: Stir or beat together cream cheese and yogurt until well combined. Mix in the stevia and vanilla then add the lime juice to taste. Top with freshly grated lime zest and graham cracker crumbs. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts: 110cals, 3g fat, 6g carbs, 13g protein

Blueberry Almond Smoothie and A New Look!

Blueberry Almond Smoothie

Hey everyone! I am so happy to share with you this recipe but also if you’ve been to my site before, you may notice I have a new header! Okay, so..not that exciting to all of you but it took a lot of work to create a new one! I felt like my old header was a little out of date since I made it when I first created the website. This new header is much prettier in my opinion, haha and it better reflects me! Anyways, before I get on to the recipe I just have to tell you my reason for not posting yesterday..Well, I was making my after school snack as usual and I poured myself a tall glass of water. If you don’t know, I am probably one of the most clumsy people you will meet. So of course, I spilt my whole glass of water. Now that would have been alright, I mean it’s not hard to clean up water but where of all places did that water land? That’s right, all over my Macbook Pro. As you might picture, I immediately started to freak out and turned the laptop upside down as it dripped out water. I put it on a towel upside down like that with a fan blowing on it for the rest of the day and today I cautiously tried turing it on and I am soooo happy to say it works! (Knock on wood). I guess macs are tougher then you might think! So that is the reason I didn’t post anything that day! Just thought I’d share :). Now finally onto the recipe!! Blueberry Almond high Protein Smoothie! *No there is no protein powder. This drink is perfect as a filling quick breakfast! Take me to the recipe!

Protein Edge Bar-Lite, Wildberry Yogurt Review

Protein Edge bar

Protein edge bar2

I don’t normally do reviews but this bar was totally worth it! I first tried the chocolate protein edge bar before trying this one since I bought a bunch at once. I actually really didn’t care for the chocolate, it had that gross protein powder aftertaste. So I was pretty hesitant when trying this bar. But when I did I was so surprised! It tasted delicious! No gross taste at all. To compare the taste, it reminds me of the quaker strawberry yogurt bar that I used to eat. The best part is that it has little pieces of dried fruit. Here are the nutrition facts for the bar:

nutrition info bar

I admit that the ingredients are not greatest since it does contain corn syrup but these are still a good post-workout snack to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of eating a chocolate bar. Plus you are getting fibre and protein! More positives are that they contain 20 vitamins and minerals and are gluten free. I highly recommend them :). I am going to try the caramel crunch one next and hopefully review it too!

Breakfast and Post-Workout Snack!

Breakfast ToastToday I ate toast for breakfast! ahhh I know what am I doing? But I am trying to gain weight and eating paleo I still manage to lose weight lol so I figure eating some healthy carbs like 1 small piece of rye bread in the morning and maybe a little quinoa with my fish at dinner isn’t going to kill me. Like I always say, you need to make your way of eating your own. You are never going to follow someone else’s plan to a T. Anyways, this toast was absolutely delicious with sugar-free handmade rhubarb-strawberry jam and natural peanut butter. I also ate 2 eggs and some carrots, snap peas and blackberries.

For lunch today I just had a large salad with avocado, feta cheese, 1/2 a tin of tuna, a little ham and about a tbsp of chopped pecans.

Before my workout I ate a very light snack of a few carrot sticks and a little hummus with 1 small piece of black forest ham.

Post Workout Snack2

After my workout I ate my large snack of greek yogurt(3/4 cup) mixed with a little stevia, vanilla and coconut extract topped with 1 cup of mixed fresh fruit(pineapple, mango, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, strawberry, melon) and about a tsp of honey.

I may be eating a late dinner as I am super full from my snack still and I ate a little later then I’d like to!

Healthy Snacks

Cinnamon Banana Coconut Yogurt

Cinnamon Banana Yogurt
I made this snack as we have about a pound of ripe bananas that need using up so instead of another smoothie I decided to chop some banana over plain 0% greek yogurt(mixed with a drop of coconut extract, 1/8 tsp vanilla & a few drops of stevia) topped with cinnamon, pecans & unsweetened shredded coconut..mmmm.

Tuna Apple Snack I also had this great snack of tuna mixed with my usual dijon mustard, pepper, yellow mustard, green onion and 1 small dill pickle chopped and then I also ate 1/2 an apple with chopped almonds, a drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup and a few raisins.

Lettuce Wrap Snack
Another snack I put together was lettuce wraps with some spicy hummus, avocado, green/red onion, pinch of garlic/onion powder & cayenne wrapped in ham as well. I really love how versatile avocado is!
Lettuce Wrap Snack2